Price of Business Episode: The AI Arms Race Between OpenAI, Google, and Bing

Written By: Chris Rodgers
The Price of Business logo with the CSP logo that was made for the blog post where Kevin and Chris discuss AI and SEO.

In this insightful discussion, Kevin Price, host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, and Chris Rodgers, Founder & CEO of CSP, explore the dynamic landscape of AI and SEO and its profound impact. Listen as they delve into the intensifying AI competition between OpenAI, Google, and Bing, highlighted by the development of advanced chatbots such as ChatGPT and Gemini. Watch the video below or on the CSP YouTube channel.

Below is an overview of the conversation.

The Emergence of New AI Models

The competition between OpenAI and Google has intensified as the development of AI models continues to progress. OpenAI’s release of the ChatGPT prompted Google to unleash Bard, its own chatbot, which was later rebranded as Gemini after the introduction of a newer model. Meanwhile, Bing has entered the race with Bing’s copilot, showcasing its capabilities through a partnership with OpenAI.

Latest Developments in AI and SEO Implications

OpenAI’s recent launch of ChatGPT 4-O (Omni) has demonstrated the AI’s capability to engage with diverse mediums, akin to Gemini’s functionalities. Additionally, Google’s presentation of AI overviews at Google I/O and its planned integration of Gemini into Android devices underscores the dramatic technological advancements in progress. The dynamic changes anticipated in the near future have significant implications, especially for marketing and SEO in the business landscape.

Issues and Challenges Faced

Despite the significant advancements, OpenAI has encountered glitches, notably in the generative image creation, highlighting the complexities of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. These challenges have prompted OpenAI to acknowledge and rectify its errors, reaffirming the considerable technological and operational challenges it faces, beyond these particular issues.

Competing as a Search Engine

ChatGPT’s attempt to compete as a search engine is underscored by the complexity and challenges involved in sourcing and validating information. Notably, the discrepancies in citing credible sources and the reliance on Bing’s search engine demonstrate the complexity and ongoing work required for ChatGPT to establish itself as a reliable search engine in the competitive landscape.

The Quest for Credibility

The comparison between ChatGPT and Gemini in replicating conversational, detail-oriented searches highlights the quest for credibility. The absence of citations in some instances and the dependence on individual websites’ content for verification shed light on the need for bolder, more comprehensive validation strategies to compete effectively with established search engines.

Adoption and Future Prospects

The potential integration of ChatGPT with Siri and Gemini with Android devices raises questions about the platforms’ adoption and future prospects. The encouragement of Gemini usage on Android devices and the global dominance of Mac and Google-based operating systems signify the critical need for ongoing development, progress, and adaptation to retain relevance within the highly competitive technology landscape.

Embracing both AI and SEO

Ultimately, the ongoing competition between OpenAI, Google, and Bing emerges as a driving force for innovation in the AI space. This ongoing pursuit of building a better mousetrap is expected to yield significant benefits for consumers, businesses, and the broader technological landscape. In response, businesses must embrace AI and SEO in this wave of technological innovation to maintain a forward-looking, competitive edge.

In Conclusion

This dialogue serves as a compelling exploration of the evolving AI and SEO landscape and its implications for businesses and technology providers. It offers valuable insights into the AI arms race, the complexities of chat experiences, and the pivotal role of credible sources and real-time updates. 

Final Thoughts

There is a critical need for businesses to align with these changes and effectively utilize these technologies to advance their objectives. To learn more, talk to an SEO expert here at CSP. Learn how we stay on top of the latest technologies and adjust our strategies accordingly.

The Price of Business logo with the CSP logo that was made for the blog post where Kevin and Chris discuss AI and SEO.
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