Link Building

Our link building services help clients improve their website’s authority and visibility. By establishing a network of relevant backlinks, we provide search engines with the topical association they need to rank content and drive traffic.

Relevant, Authoritative, and Trustworthy Backlinking

With millions of websites on the internet, it can be challenging to find high-quality links that are trustworthy, authoritative, and relevant to your business. Building links requires a strategic approach and a commitment to fostering relationships with other websites in the industry. Our expertise in backlink analysis, data metrics, and strategy allows us to lift this burden from your business and begin making an impact on your site’s authority and rankings. Our team will partner with your organization to provide:

  • Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Targeted Prospecting
  • Domain Vetting
  • Metric Assessments
  • Toxic Link Analysis
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Seed Site Opportunities
  • High-Quality Guest Posts
  • Relevant Link Insertions

Our Approach to Link Building

Our link building strategies are targeted, achievable, and tailored to your business goals. We take a holistic view of your backlink profile to build links that offer:

Alignment with the SEO Strategy
Backlinks are used to support and bolster the content they link to. To get the most value out of link building, it must align with the overall SEO Strategy and site content.
Keyword Targeted Approach
Using keyword anchor text to link to optimized pages provides search engines with the topical association they need to understand and rank content.
Quarterly Profile Analysis
To ensure client sites are staying within the natural link profile, we undergo quarterly competitive analysis and backlink metric comparisons.
Toxic Link Analysis
Toxic backlinks can cause decreases in visibility, authority, and rankings. Routine toxic link analysis is crucial to maintaining a healthy backlink profile.
Metric Based Prospecting
Not just any site will do. Link prospecting requires careful assessment of the domain’s authority and trust metrics, content, traffic, keyword rankings, and more.
Quality Guest Post Content
Search engines use the content of a backlink to understand what the linked site is about. Quality guest posts help SE’s organize and rank relevant content.
Deep Linking
A deep link is a backlink built to any page on a site except for the homepage. By linking to deeper pages, you provide more insight for SE’s.
Backlink Highlights
We are always on the lookout for exceptional sites that fit our clients’ niche. When such links are acquired, we share the metrics and provide an overview.

Link Building Strategies & Considerations

Oftentimes companies will hire a separate service for link building; however, to get the most value from your backlinks, it’s crucial for these efforts to be aligned with the overarching SEO strategy. It should encompass elements like keyword targeting, page optimizations, new content, target audience, branding, etc.

Furthermore, to build good links, you need to know what keywords to target on which pages so that the anchor text is used to its optimal ability. Anchor text helps provide topic association, so it needs to be as specific as possible to the linked page. Sounds simple, but this can become tedious with hundreds of pages of similar content. Hence, why it’s so important to be in line with the overall strategy.

Other factors we consider when creating your link building strategy include:

  • Industry/Niche
  • Domain Metrics
  • Backlink Metrics
  • Profile Toxicity
  • Backlink Gaps
  • Keyword Gaps
  • Information Architecture
  • Site Structure
  • SEO Strategy
  • Future Plans
  • Budget
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Link building is the process of acquiring a hyperlink (backlink) from one site to another–often referred to as a digital handshake. Backlinks provide credibility, authority, and topical association for your site so that search engines can understand and rank your content.

When a link is acquired, it translates something called “link juice” to your site. This link juice transfers credibility and domain authority from the linking site to yours. Domain authority is basically a reputation score that helps search engines decide where to rank your content–the higher the domain authority, the better the keyword rankings.

At CSP, we take an analytical approach to link building. Search engines aren’t fans of backlinking, and for that reason we must be vigilant in vetting our sites and maintaining a natural link profile. We use various tools to evaluate competitor backlinks, identify valuable links, and maintain healthy backlink profiles. Most importantly, we align our link building strategies with the overall SEO strategies. By linking to the appropriate pages with keyword targeted anchor text, we increase visibility of relevant terms and ultimately conversions.

Overall, link building is an opportunity to show search engines how credible your website is as well as provide topic association for what your site is about. Think of peer reviewed journals; the more context and support an article has, the more value and visibility it will receive.

Speak with an expert

At CSP we carefully vet each project and only engage with those we are confident will be successful and deliver a strong ROI. We’re a low-turnover business and we take the outcome of every SEO project very seriously.

Get in touch today for an analysis by an SEO expert. No dog and pony show or big sales pitches, we will explore the project with you and if there’s a good fit, we’ll work hard to earn your business.