Multi location / Franchise
SEO Solutions

We specialize in doing SEO for organizations with multiple locations such as restaurants, franchises, real estate, and other websites that face the challenge of having the same content for both national and localized content. Take a look at our SEO Solution for multi location & franchise businesses.

Same SEO, Many Locations

Managing the content for a website that has many locations can be quite challenging. At CSP we specialize in multi location SEO for restaurants, franchises, real estate agents, large practice doctors & attorney offices, and really any organization that works with the same basic service offering but from different locations. Below are some challenges that a managed multi location SEO program can face:

  • Many sites with the same voice
  • Very little control of your content
  • Same visibility for all of your locations
  • Different product offering per location
  • Same product offering but different location
  • Website infrastructure change

Benefits of SEO

With the right approach, the benefits of an expansive and strategic multi location SEO program far outweigh the challenges that exist.

Control Over Your Brand
SEO allows us the ability to create one brand voice so the results can be the same no matter what location
Boost Local Marketing Results
Having local SEO content can help you get the local visibility you need to drive results
Cost Effective Marketing
SEO can be a cost-effective marketing strategy for franchises, as it can help them attract customers without spending large amounts of money on advertising or other forms of promotion.
No More Duplicate Content
With certain services that are localized by Google, “duplicate” changes the SEO view on duplicate content.
Drive Foot Traffic
Use local maps and content to drive foot traffic to one or many of your locations.
Competitive Advantage
Franchises that invest in SEO can gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry that may not have a strong online presence. This can help them attract more customers and increase their market share.

Results Come From Work, Not Ideas

When developing an SEO strategy for a multi location or franchise organization, there are several considerations we keep in mind. An SEO strategy is only as good as what you can get implemented. A lot of SEO companies have a “proven process” and if you do exactly what they say you will achieve high rankings. At CSP we take a more holistic approach to what is best for the organization, whether it be a service organization with multiple locations or a franchise of restaurants. We focus on what can actually be implemented instead of telling you that we need to do it because a tool told us that it has to be done.

We take into consideration a multitude of factors because it’s our job to help your website achieve the goals set forth by the organization. If that can’t actually make it to fruition then both time & money could be wasted. We take a very strategic & multi faceted approach to our SEO strategy for multi location/franchise businesses. When putting together a successful SEO strategy for multi location businesses here are a few considerations.

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Multi-location SEO describes traffic that comes in from local intent within markets where the brand has a presence but may not be their main or only location.

In short, multi-location SEO combines all of the brand’s local SEO efforts to further increase its visibility of the overarching brand in search engines. For businesses with multiple locations, SEO is crucial for driving foot traffic.

For an SEO, managing a multi-location campaign means creating location-relevant landing pages and monitoring keyword rankings with GeoTracking – rank tracking by a specific location or a zip code.

Each location needs its own campaign that focuses on its specific geo-location separate from the company’s larger SEO strategy.

Before we discuss the best ways to manage a multi-location SEO campaign, let’s briefly run through some of the most required elements of such a campaign.

Speak with an expert

At CSP we carefully vet each project and only engage with those we are confident will be successful and deliver a strong ROI. We’re a low-turnover business and we take the outcome of every SEO project very seriously.

Get in touch today for an analysis by an SEO expert. No dog and pony show or big sales pitches, we will explore the project with you and if there’s a good fit, we’ll work hard to earn your business.