Price of Business Episode: Navigating SEO in the Era of AI

Written By: Chris Rodgers
An image of the Price of Business show logo and the CSP SEO agency logo with the words “Navigating SEO in the Era of AI”

In a recent interview on the Price of Business, host Kevin Price spoke with the founder and CEO of CSP, Chris Rodgers about why AI is making SEO more important. Chris shared valuable insights on how businesses can navigate the complexities of SEO and adapt to the advancements in artificial intelligence. Listen as they delve into the best way to approach SEO in 2024 as AI search engines begin to evolve. Watch the video below or on the CSP YouTube channel.

Below is an overview of the conversation.

Understanding the AI Arms Race

It is important to stay ahead of the curve and to prepare for potential shifts toward AI-driven technologies. Watch this video to listen to the conversation between Kevin and Chris about the AI arms race between Google and OpenAI. 

Building a Solid SEO Foundation for the Future

While Google is still the #1 search engine, site owners must lay a foundation for optimizing content that will also satisfy ChatGPT and Gemini. Businesses need to strategically position themselves to be ready to adapt as search behavior and the search landscape evolves.

Aligning SEO Strategy with Business Focus

In the conversation, Chris emphasized aligning SEO strategies with the core focus of the business. Before diving into keyword research and technical SEO, it is essential to outline the client’s customers, industries served, expertise, and trust factors prominently on the website. By creating content tailored to specific audiences, businesses can enhance their online footprint effectively.

Shifting Focus to Audience-Centric Content

In the changing SEO landscape, it is very important to shift your content-creation focus from keywords to audiences. Develop personas and create content that resonates with real people if you want to build a more engaging and relevant online presence. Keywords are merely representations of the target audience, underscoring the need to prioritize audience-centric content strategies.

Establishing Credibility through Off-Page SEO

Beyond on-page factors, off-page SEO elements like local citations, media coverage, and industry recognition are significant ranking factors for Google and AI search alike. Establishing a credible footprint through reputable publications and industry associations reinforces a business’s credibility and enhances its visibility to search engine crawlers.


Chris’ insights shed light on the evolving landscape of SEO and the critical role of adapting to AI-powered search technologies. As businesses navigate the complexities of SEO in the artificial intelligence era, they can set the stage for future success in the digital marketplace by aligning SEO strategies with business objectives, prioritizing audience-centric content, and establishing credibility through off-page SEO efforts. 

Final Thoughts

While the search landscape is ever-evolving, the core of SEO best practices remains the same. Always offer helpful, high-quality content, tailored to a specific audience. For help with your content marketing strategy, talk to a business-centric SEO expert who keeps their eye ahead of the AI curve.

An image of the Price of Business show logo and the CSP SEO agency logo with the words “Navigating SEO in the Era of AI”
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