Andrew Norris

Marketing Manager

Meet Andrew, a marketing maestro with over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space. As the Marketing Manager at CSP Agency, he plays a pivotal role in driving the agency’s growth and enhancing its reputation for delivering unbeatable SEO results. With a career in digital marketing spanning over ten years, Andrew has honed his expertise in marketing strategy and advertising, helping countless small businesses and startups launch and scale. He’s even had the pleasure of working with best-selling authors, helping them amplify their voices and reach new heights.

His diverse background in marketing and sales allows him to bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspective to every project he undertakes. From developing comprehensive marketing plans to executing targeted advertising campaigns, Andrew has a proven track record of driving real results.

His mission? To elevate CSP Agency and solidify its reputation as the go-to name for elite SEO services. As the man behind the curtain, he transforms complex SEO jargon into digital marketing strategies that highlight CSP’s capabilities and attract clients who demand the very best.

Outside of the office, Andrew is a dedicated family man, married to his college sweetheart and proud father of two young children – a baby girl and a spirited 2-year-old boy. In his downtime (if he has any these days), he can be found engaged in home renovation projects, dominating the neighborhood on the lawn care front, or indulging in his love for the outdoors, from water sports and snow skiing to hunting and fishing.

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