How Video SEO Can Increase Your YouTube Viewership

Written By: Andrew Norris
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Your YouTube viewership has been steadily growing, until suddenly – and quite unexpectedly – it declines. However, it doesn’t decline a little. Instead, it goes way down. One minute everything looks great and the next you’re anxiously waiting for views to return. Unfortunately, over the next couple of days and weeks, that doesn’t happen. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. So, what happened exactly? More importantly, how can video SEO services stop this from happening?

Maybe this scenario has never happened to your company. Maybe your viewership is healthy – for the time being, of course. However, understanding how this scenario could play out could go a long way to ensuring your YouTube channel continues its linear progression toward increased views and additional subscribers.

Does SEO Really Work for YouTube?

First, YouTube SEO is real. Video SEO services not only work, they’re an absolute necessity – especially given that estimates put the daily number of video uploads on YouTube past 3.7 million. That’s a lot of videos trying to catch people’s attention. That volume itself speaks to the importance of having a ready-made SEO for YouTube video optimization strategy that specifically focuses on your company’s target audience.

Second, while Google’s YouTube algorithm is no doubt complex, it’s not now – nor has it ever been – able to index YouTube videos based on the content within the video. Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and speech recognition software have come a long way – and continue to advance – but they’re not at the point where they can index a video’s content via the spoken word. Only video SEO services can create a keyword-rich title, detailed video description, an eye-catching thumbnail, and an incentivizing call to action.

Third, while there may have been a time when just a title was sufficient to rank a YouTube video, that’s no longer the case. Yes, Google’s algorithm constantly changes. Yes, nobody knows for certain how often it changes or what those changes specifically involve. However, keywords and proactive video SEO services matter. It’s always a balancing act between having too many or too few keywords – and using the right keywords – but in the end, keywords and keyword research have always been the foundation for online search.

Fourth, worry less about the day-to-day or major algorithm changes Google makes and instead stick to fundamental SEO for YouTube optimization strategies that have proven themselves. It’s not about the short-term fluctuations in viewership. It’s not about how daily Google algorithm changes impact your daily viewership numbers. It’s about focusing on the long-term by creating engaging videos that incentivize your target audience to take action.

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Is it Worth Optimizing Videos on YouTube?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” Better yet, it’s not just worth it – it’s essential. To give you a better perspective on the importance of video SEO services, think about your best-performing, keyword-rich content. What is it about that content that generates such incredible returns?

Google has made it clear that it favors helpful, insightful, people-centric content that answers questions, solves problems, and provides solutions. They started in 2022 and reinforced this doctrine with another major helpful content algorithm update in 2023. You’ll likely find that your best-performing content accomplishes all those criteria.

While creating thought-provoking videos is a step in the right direction, it’s not enough, no more than great-written content on its own is enough. Both require an all-encompassing strategy for success. However, each one requires a different approach.

Think of your YouTube channel as one part of your company’s all-encompassing multimedia strategy. For that ranking strategy to succeed, you need to leverage multiple digital channels. That includes having a strong social media presence, creating people-centric content, promoting that content, leveraging strong SEO strategies, and using digital advertising strategies that generate traffic.

Video optimization should be seen in a similar vein to how you promote written content – albeit with uniquely different approaches. However, for the most part, you use social media, SEO, and organic strategies to drive targeted traffic to your written content. While there are important differences between written and video content, the ultimate question becomes: If you promote your written content, why wouldn’t you use SEO for YouTube content?

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How Can I Improve My Video’s Ranking?

As stated, creating great videos alone isn’t enough. You need to combine that with solid video optimization strategies. We’ve already covered some of those strategies; keyword-rich titles, detailed descriptions, eye-catching thumbnails, a strong social media presence that drives traffic, and digital advertising all help to improve your video’s ranking. However, there’s more.

Unfortunately, the problem several companies face is finding the time and resources to properly promote their videos, adopt, monitor, and tweak their video optimization strategies, and fully leverage their social media presence. It takes a considerable amount of time, internal resources, expertise, and know-how to do all these things properly.

This task becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to keep up with emerging digital trends, major Google algorithm adjustments, and constantly changing social media legislation and global privacy laws. It’s enough to frustrate anyone. So, what’s the solution?

CSP: Your Enterprise SEO Agency and Strategic Partner

Fortunately, there’s CSP, a goal-driven, strategic SEO agency with a combined SEO experience surpassing 100 years. Viewed as a thought leader and all-around video optimization expert, CSP creates data-driven insight and strategies that help companies drive revenue growth by helping their videos reach their intended audiences.

By adopting a client-centric approach predicated on customized SEO strategies and personalized digital services that increase ROI – CSP has become the go-to solution for companies wanting to improve YouTube viewership and create more instantly recognizable brands.

Jumpstart your channel with help with YouTube SEO from CSP, and learn how to optimize a successful video campaign.


Image of youtube homepage on laptop screen
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