Local SEO: How To Rank In Local Search Results


The lure of global marketing and irresistible profits have caused many website owners to lose track of the basic values of providing good service, marketing useful products and targeting local consumers (through local SEO). Google has addressed the issue by combining Google Places and Google+ to create Google+ Local, a specialty niche that promises to deliver new attention to optimizing searches for more responsive local returns. You can get your website into contention by using better local SEO services and techniques that focus on creating better user experiences for viewers.

Local SEO strategies may involve positioning your business within the community as an important influence or respected provider. Companies can attract links that search engine robots understand by creating compelling, dynamic content that focuses on local issues and concerns. You can get involved with a local charity, college program or community service group. Website content that includes photographs, videos and information of interest to local residents may lead your site to be ranked higher in local search results, and lead more visitors to follow through and contact you.

Marketing trends have frightened many website owners from trying to compete, but the new emphasis on local searches gives you a great opportunity to make sure your website appears authoritative. Local SEO services offer help for people unfamiliar with classic SEO techniques, but the basic SEO follows some common-sense suggestions that most businesses should pursue as sound business strategy.

Make your content is interesting, fresh and engaging, involving local references when possible. Your website content plays an important role in defining your value to local SEO searches. People trust companies that other people talk about in positive ways, so you should try to get your company, products and services mentioned in other online forums. You can increase your visibility by including links to other websites, but you want to establish authority by choosing respected sites and forums for affiliation. Short, common keywords generate a lot of competition, but unique longtail keywords that include geographic areas get less competition, helping you place higher in local SEO search engine returns.

Try to correct any inaccurate or unflattering information posted on online. You can help bury negative information by making sure that viewers find plenty of positive information to counter any derogatory information. People understand that no business pleases everybody, but a lone dissenting voice placed beside dozens of complimentary reviews could make you more attractive to viewers because they believe information that includes both positive and negative reviews is more likely to be authentic.

People submit articles to local journals, newspapers, directories and blogs as part of local SEO strategies. You can rank higher in local SEO results when you link to respected websites and popular local events and keep your content fresh and trendy. Encourage better SEO by including social media share and tweet buttons on your website, and make sure people can navigate easily around your site pages and links. Local SEO searches have become very common with the increased use of mobile devices, so make sure you get your fair share of the pie.

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