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As a leader in Contact Center Automation, Replicant helps companies automate their most common customer service calls while empowering agents to focus on more complex and nuanced customer challenges. Replicant’s AI platform allows consumers to engage in natural conversations across voice, messaging and other digital channels to resolve their customer support issues, without the wait, 24/7. Replicant is serving some of the largest contact centers in the Fortune 100 and growing rapidly. Replicant was named Forbes’ top 50 AI firms to watch in 2021 & raised $78M in series B financing led by Stripes.


Challenge & Goal

Replicant’s head of marketing selected Colorado SEO Pros in Q1 of 2021 after an in-depth search and evaluation of various SEO providers. Replicant had received their latest round of funding at 27M and knew the importance of SEO, but was also cost conscious and needed to do as much as possible with a crawl, walk, run approach. Replicant needed to establish relevance and authority in search-engines and grow their footprint in order to reach larger audiences. Ultimately the SEO strategy needed to drive key rankings, traffic, and contact form and demo signup conversions. The goal was to justify marketing spend in order to grow the project and establish SEO as a key revenue diving channel.

Strategy & Tactics

The initial phase of the campaign began with a deep dive into Replicant’s business priorities and top SEO challenges and opportunities. There were immediate needs across technical, content, and off-page SEO, and it was critical to prioritize campaign initiatives in line with client resources to ensure a smooth and effective workflow. Once priorities were laid out, individual tactics were set and each task and deliverable was set in the project management system to be completed according to the campaign schedule.

The primary focus on this campaign during the first phase was to ensure crawl errors were minimal and search-engine accessibility and page indexing remained healthy in order to focus resources on optimized content and backlinks. Ongoing technical testing and analysis was performed each month.

The on-page SEO strategy first focused on optimizing capability and industry pages to solidify subject-matter relevance and increase conversion and revenue opportunities. Next informational content was created and optimized to maximize reach and top of funnel opportunities, and feed users into transactional pages.

The link-building campaign began with a competitive analysis to identify industry trends and set a framework for link-targeting, then was followed by aligning target keywords and pages. A key focus was placed on improving trust, deep links, and non-branded keywords, as well as increasing overall link numbers and site authority.

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Summary & Results

When Replicant needed an SEO partner to create and execute a strategy that was as innovative and effective as their own AI technology, they chose Colorado SEO Pros. Replicant needed to expand their reach online, become established as an authority in contact center automation and AI, and achieve key marketing and business objectives.

Colorado SEO Pros took the time to understand the nuances of Replicant’s business and provided a bespoke strategy. From hyper-targeted AI content writing to advanced technical SEO and link-building, Replicant’s SEO campaign plan included everything needed to succeed in a big way.

In the end Replicant significantly increased their online footprint, established subject matter relevance and authority, and multiplied SEO and ROI metrics many times over.

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