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Escobar Cigars

Escobar Cigars is one of the most reputable traders of ultra-premium cigars online. They offer one of the highest quality collections of highly critically acclaimed cigars. Customers with all different tastes in tobacco are delighted to support the Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum recording artist Nasir “Nas”Jones, a co-owner and equity partner in Escobar Cigars. The brand and its parent company, Puros Privados, launched in 2018 and offer two lines, the Escobar Natural and Escobar Maduro, both of which are made in Nicaragua. Summarizing their encyclopedic listing of ultra premium cigars is just impossible; suffice it to say that any connoisseur of tobacco can find something to enjoy in their online store catalog, along with all of the accessories necessary to enjoy it.

Challenge & Goal

To customers of Escobar, it’s no secret that they offer the best cigars in the world along with stylish high-quality accessories. However the tobacco market is long-established both through traditional marketing as well as SEO. Even with a co-owner and brand ambassador like Nas, penetrating the larger cigar market is an extreme challenge. Escobar Cigars hired Colorado SEO Pros to help expose their fledgling brand to the masses and ensure that the other marketing and promotional efforts they were executing were properly supported when their customers turned to search-engines to engage with the brand. Specifically, Escobar needed to increase visibility and critical rankings, drive increases in traffic, and create an additional stream of revenue from the most lucrative digital marketing channel. Colorado SEO Pros was up for the challenge.

Strategy & Tactics

Colorado SEO Pros developed a comprehensive ecommerce SEO strategy that covered technical, content, and backlinks. CSP addressed site architecture issues, improved content on critical pages and categories, and improved site authority metrics through targeted link-building. They even created a strategy to support key PR initiatives with Nas.

A comprehensive technical audit was performed and detailed reporting to fix critical errors was provided. The site architecture and overall ecommerce structure was evaluated to identify ways to improve and better represent products to both search-engines and users.

A detailed SEO content strategy was created to optimize all existing pages on the site, then the strategy shifted to expanding content to target new audiences and increase overall online footprint. Highly detailed Content Blueprints were provided for each page for extremely effective content creation.

The link-building strategy first began with an in-depth competitive analysis to identify key trends and metrics within the market. From there a consistent flow of highly-targeted and high-quality links were built each month to strategically lift page performance in line with campaign objectives.

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Summary & Results

Despite an extremely competitive and well-established market, Colorado SEO Pros was able to help an amazing company and fledgling brand get off the ground in search-engines so their bigger than life brand had an equally large representation online.

Through a comprehensive SEO strategy that supported the business and brand, Escobar Cigars saw huge gains in visibility, traffic, and ultimately developed SEO into a leading source of revenue generating an overall return on marketing spend of 6 to 1.

Outside of the traditional SEO approach, Escobar received a business-first strategy that took their larger organizational and marketing goals into account. SEO not only produced results, but supported the business in a meaningful way far beyond rankings and traffic from search-engines. Escobar Cigars experienced a true partnership that generated phenomenal SEO and business results in the process.

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