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Charter – Spectrum

Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHTR) is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 32 million customers in 41 states through its Spectrum brand. Over an advanced communications network, the company offers a full range of state-of-the-art residential and business services including Spectrum Internet, TV, Mobile and Voice. Their commitment to serving customers and
exceeding expectations is the bedrock of Charter’s business strategy and it’s the philosophy that guides over 98,000 Employees.

SEO has to be a top priority for Charter to ensure current and prospective customers find the Spectrum provided solutions they search for online every single day.

Challenge & Goal

Colorado SEO Pros was tasked with defining SEO strategy, conducting technical SEO audits, and improving search traffic and rankings. Spectrum needed to focus on improving its customer experience by aligning customer intent and search results.

Main goals for the project covered several key performance areas such as:

  1. Retaining link value through site consolidations
  2. Improving page one (top 3) rankings
  3. Increasing search traffic
  4. Improving click-through rates

Strategy & Tactics

A primary focus of the project was to execute a multi-website SEO consolidation following Charter’s acquisitions of Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks. This initiative required analyzing thousands of pages and creating a SEO content consolidation plan to maximize SEO value and minimize customer experience disruption in search-engines.

In addition, the overall SEO and content strategy needed to be revised to improve overall rankings and traffic, but also ensure customers were served optimal pages in search for the best customer experience and business outcomes. Charter also received ongoing consulting and SEO training to improve internal processes and workflow.

The technical strategy was focused on 2 support sites (B2C and B2B) which were built in javascript. Ensuring all content was properly indexed and appearing in search was the first priority, followed by addressing a volume of other technical SEO issues through ongoing testing, analysis and recommendations.

The SEO content strategy centered around customer experience originating from search-engines. CSP needed to address under-performing pages, internal cross-competing pages, and complete a keyword gap analysis. There were also regular ad-hoc content optimization projects requiring SEO analysis and strategy.

Ongoing SEO consulting was provided throughout the engagement on a wide variety of areas, from technical, to content, to intent analysis and dedicated SEO training sessions. Charter was supported across various projects to leverage SEO in achieving key objectives and meeting challenges across the organization.

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Summary & Results

When Charter acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, it also inherited their web properties which needed to be consolidated under one domain. The success of this consolidation was critical to minimize the disruption of online support to customers across the newly acquired organizations, which would have huge impacts on customer retention, brand reputation, and future sales.

Alongside this critical project, Charter needed help addressing a host of technical issues, revamping their content strategy, and educating and training internal teams to incorporate SEO into existing workflows.

Ultimately, Charter saw a successful website consolidation, extensive improvements in page one rankings and click-through rate, and has now increased monthly organic traffic value from 11MM to 23.6MM. To add to this positive outcome, customer satisfaction rates have improved by 8%.

Charter has continued to leverage CSP as a trusted SEO resource to tackle important challenges and achieve critical SEO results across multiple websites, business units, and company focus areas.


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