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Never Summer Industries

Never Summer Industries is an American-made snowboard, longboard, wakeboard, and apparel company based out of Denver, CO. Never Summer is most well-known for their high-quality snowboards, which are manufactured directly out of their US based factory in Denver, CO. Never Summer has a reputation of being a product-driven company focused on building the most durable, high-performance boards on the market, with a key focus on board quality and product innovation. They have a cult-like following that has led to massive growth, as well as representation in high-profile competitions like X-Games and the Olympics.

Challenge & Goal

Being a successful product-driven company, Never Summer has experienced huge growth without the level of marketing focus that other snowboard brands have had to rely upon. This represented a huge opportunity as industry sales have continually shifted more to online and direct to consumer. Never Summer engaged Colorado SEO Pros in order to establish SEO as a revenue generating channel and drive SEO results to support the continued growth of the business.

A new website was in the works as well, and a strategic SEO website launch plan was required to ensure SEO equity was retained through the transition and growth could continue forward after the new site was launched.

Strategy & Tactics

The campaign began with a deep SEO analysis focusing on ecommerce performance from organic, as well as technical and back-link research. It was determined that there were opportunities to restructure some of the store pages to improve indexing and search visibility. In addition, there was a significant opportunity within a focused link-building campaign to drive traffic and sales on key store pages.

The content strategy first focused on improving revenue-driving store pages, then shifted towards expanding top-of-funnel content to reach a much larger audience. The strategy covered all areas of SEO addressing technical, content, and link-building.

The initial technical strategy was focused on optimizing ecommerce information architecture, including transforming product filters into high performing landing pages, optimizing URL structure, and addressing high priority errors. Continued testing was provided each month along with ongoing solutions and consulting.

A prioritized content plan was created alongside detailed content blueprints to improve audience targeting and page quality, with a key focus on revenue-driving product pages. Subsequent initiatives included expanding brand exposure to new customers through top-of-funnel blog content, increasing organic footprint and company reach.

An initial analysis was performed to gain a deep understanding of the overall link-profile as well as competitive landscape. Based on historic trends, competitive data, and business and SEO objectives, a detailed strategy was created and executed upon, consistently delivering new relevant and trustworthy links each month.

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Summary & Results

Never Summer created a legendary reputation for the highest quality, US-manufactured snowboards in the world. After growing organically through their rock solid reputation, they decided to expand their reach online and knew SEO was a critical driver to expand reach and drive direct-to-consumer revenue. After carefully considering their options, they turned to Colorado SEO Pros to execute a business-driven SEO strategy. Colorado SEO Pros created a targeted strategy to establish a solid SEO foundation, drive transactions and revenue, and expand reach and organic footprint to even larger audiences. Never Summer worked directly with a seasoned SEO strategist to execute the campaign across content, link-building, and technical SEO, meeting regularly to review in-progress work, results, and upcoming project schedule. In the end Never Summer experienced a successful SEO campaign driving huge gains across rankings, traffic and conversions. They achieved critical goals cementing SEO as a key marketing channel and setting the foundation for continued growth and business success.

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