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Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade digital asset security platform for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets. Fireblocks enables financial institutions to securely build, run and scale digital asset operations through the Fireblocks Network and MPC-based Wallet Infrastructure. The company has secured the transfer of over $150 billion in digital assets and offers a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & transit. Fireblocks utilizes the latest security technologies and institutional asset transfer network in a battle-tested, layered implementation. The Fireblocks platform is designed to provide the necessary speed, flexibility, and cost savings to meet business goals while ensuring that every cyberattack vector is completely mitigated.

Challenge & Goal

At the time of project commencement Fireblocks was rapidly growing and just closed a Series B round of funding at 30 Million. Despite their success as the leading digital asset security platform, they were experiencing challenges on the digital marketing front. With restrictions in the crypto category coming from Google in paid search, Fireblocks needed to cement SEO as an inbound channel. Some basic SEO work had been completed but they were looking to up their game to support the growth and direction of the organization. There were shifts in solution positioning that needed SEO, technical challenges that needed to be addressed, and an overall desire to align online visibility with their target audience.

Strategy & Tactics

Fireblocks required a dynamic SEO strategy to support a rapidly growing stage of the company, first in an SEO-supportive role in which solutions were provided based on internal client priorities and resources. As the campaign progressed, a more directed approach was executed to prioritize conversion generating areas of the website followed by expanding Fireblock’s overall online footprint with authoritative, top-of-funnel content. Targeted back-links were built to support new content and high priority technical issues were addressed through a prioritized approach.

A comprehensive technical audit was conducted at the beginning of the campaign to identify high-priority issues. Solutions and technical consulting were provided to the web development team. Follow up testing was performed monthly and additional solutions were provided as needed.

The content strategy began with optimization of existing “platform” pages that were key conversion drivers, followed by an expansion of new transactional pages and then finally moving into top-of-funnel blog posts to reach additional audiences. Detailed content blueprints were provided to provide specific directions for the content team to follow.

A competitive backlink analysis was conducted to identify key link metrics and trends, providing the foundation for a targeted link-building strategy. Links were built each month to support new and existing content in key business areas. Toxic link analysis was also performed to protect Fireblocks from negative SEO attacks.

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Summary & Results

During a period of rapid company growth and alongside all the internal changes that come with it, Fireblocks needed an SEO partner who could provide a custom solution to meet the unique needs of their organization. Colorado SEO Pros responded with a dynamic strategy that supported the business and marketing operations, as well as accomplishing the core goals of the engagement and delivering explosive results. After working through a multi-stage SEO strategy across multiple stakeholders on the marketing team, Fireblocks was able to effectively align their online visibility to their target audience, grow macro level exposure, and drive huge gains in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and website conversions. As a result they are now less dependent on paid search and have established SEO as an anchoring inbound marketing channel to support their overall marketing strategy.


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